Custom web application development

Though majority of business needs look similar from far, detailing generally reveals uniqueness of each need. This is true not only for businesses belonging to different industries but also for businesses belonging to same industry catering to similar target customers. If business process automation needs of different businesses are treated similarly, it leads to undesirable gap in expectation and delivery.

Signy’s competent web development team avoids the temptation of treating such requirements in similar manner. It helps us delivering high quality custom web applications which are cost effective. High quality web applications refer to easily accessible, usable, robust, scalable and secure web applications.

Custom web application development approach at Signy

Signy’s web development team analyzes each requirement thoroughly before jumping on the solution. Attention to the details helps our technically competent web development team to work out the best suitable solution which effectively fulfils the requirement with quick turnaround time and in cost effective manner.

Thorough analysis of requirement helps us make correct technical and technological decisions like –

  • PHP development – plain PHP development or using frameworks like CodeIgniter, Zend
  • CMS based development – using available Joomla components for development or Joomla component development; using inherent abilities of WordPress or Drupal and customizing them for delivering desired web application
  • Mix of ‘from scratch development’ and use of opensource plug-ins by customizing – application is built from scratch; however some part is built using readily available opensource plug-ins, for example, Joomla components or WordPress plug-ins. This helps delivering with quick turnaround time and saving costs without affecting quality. Seamless integration of such components with the application is a vital skill in such case.
  • Use of code libraries – it is always desirable to use code libraries for rapid web application development. However, lack of planning and non-understanding of details may lead to inadequate/improper usage of code libraries. This is where Signy web development team’s thorough analysis and planning helps.

Signy team executes custom web application development project through following activities:

  • Requirement analysis
  • Critical consulting with client
  • Technical and technological decision making
  • Delivery plan
  • Testing plan
  • Documenting test cases
  • UI design & approvals
  • Module development with unit testing
  • Regular demos and status reporting
  • Functional testing and UI testing (includes browser compatibility testing)
  • Regression testing
  • User acceptance testing
  • Handover and training to client representatives
  • Go-live

Please visit our web application development process page for details about the delivery process, discipline and infrastructure.

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