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Signy is an expert web development company in Pune, India. Leveraging opensource technology platforms, Signy delivers highly effective websites. Be it a complex dynamic website with integrated business applications or website in WordPress or Joomla content management system or a simple HTML website; Signy’s expert web designers and developers help you get a highly effective website.

Website design

Good news: a good website opens a lot of doors. Bad news: a not so good website may never open a few doors and close a few open doors.

Website is not just a set of web pages which would present information of your products, services or purpose on web. Website carries your brand. Website stamps your positioning. Website creates your identity. It is a general tendency to make opinions about a company by looking at the website; at times looking only at home page of the website.

Turning a website visitor into a customer is thought off as single most important function of a good website. While this is true, inherent expectation from your website is to create trust in minds of visitors.

A good or a bad website is often the result of how it has been treated while conceptualizing, designing and developing. One can easily mark the difference between a well thought out website and not so thought about website. This is where opinion making process starts for any website visitor; or may be it ends here.

I need a good website. But what does a good website mean?

Success in below four considerations results into a good website:

  1. Thought process
  2. Look and feel
  3. User focus in information architecture
  4. Technical correctness

1. Thought process

Thought process makes major difference. It boils down to two points: purpose and stakeholders. Technology comes later.

Purpose: For website design, first exercise which needs to be done is getting conviction on the purpose of designing new website. A brainstorming session or an open team discussion might reveal that purpose statements are not unanimous across team members. Once we get the purpose right, we can believe that we have taken a significant step towards a good website.

Stakeholders: Once the purpose of web designing is clear, now we can freeze the list of stakeholders for this new website. Often this step is either missed or inadequately done or thought off before getting conviction on the purpose. Many of us may easily forget that existing employees are important stakeholders of the website as it is a tendency to get overwhelmed about target audience of our business. While potential clients may be the most important stakeholders; existing employees, potential employees, vendors and associates also visit your website and make opinions.

A good website communicates the purpose to its stakeholders effectively.

2. Look and feel

It is given that website should look attractive. However, interpretation of ‘attractive website’ changes as per the type of business or purpose of the website. A right blend of uncluttered layouts, use of colors, adequate use of graphics, use of white spaces in adequate quantity, use of suitable and readable fonts and consistency of design elements help getting desirable visual impact.

3. User focus

Information architecture is the key as far as user interaction with the website is concerned. Well thought out information architecture helps making navigation easy for the user. Attractive and intuitive design with a logical and easy navigation makes it a pleasant and often fruitful experience for any user on your website.

4. Technical correctness

Website should be compatible with web standards and follow best practices.

w3 standards compatible website: The term ‘Web Standards’ can mean different things to different people. For some it is ‘table-free websites’, for others it is ‘using valid code’. However, ‘web standards’ is a much broader term than this. A website built to web standards should adhere to standards (HTML, XHTML, XML, CSS, etc) and pursue best practices (valid code, accessible code, correct code, user-friendly URLs etc).


Website design approach at  Signy

  1. Signy web designing team understands that each new website needs a completely unique approach. One can not apply same scale for every website. For Signy, there is neither alternative nor a shortcut for thought process. However, experienced and skilled web designers, web developers, QA engineers and business analysts get cracking on the task in hand and workout a solution for you by-
    • Critically consulting with you on your ideas and plans
    • Establishing realistic expectations, achievable milestones, and clear goals from the get-go
    • Sticking to our budget proposals and deadline requirements
    • Taking a vested interest in your success
  2. Signy web designing team brings together creativity, technical competence, sensitivity about branding, marketing concepts and commitment to deliver.
  3. Signy web designing team members consistently upgrade themselves on latest trends in web design and trends in web development areas.
  4. Signy web designing team has a good understanding of web as a technology platform as well as a media. Expertise in areas like Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM) helps us deliver search engine friendly websites.
  5. Signy web designing team follows a rigorous delivery process for website design projects.
  6. Signy web designing team delivers value.