Social apps

Social Applications are web applications that have their own social engine or these apps run on social networking sites like

A popular example is facebook application; Users can integrate their web applications with facebook. For example “Farmville” on facebook is a third party game application integrated with facebook.

Social applications can help your brands with the immense power of social networking. Brands can leverage the viral aspect of social networks to engage their consumers, partners and employees. A well directed social app can achieve following for your brand, products:

  • Increased engagement
  • Increased visibility and hence better mind share
  • Insights on trends and patterns through consumer feedback and activities
  • Pro-active customer support
  • Higher impact for your marketing campaigns

Social applications can be viral enough to help you get more referrals from users’ network that already are your customers or users who have visited your social app.

Your social applications can be customized to suite your brand and can give a feel of your products in very interactive manner. Also the social apps can be connected to your CRMs, websites for updates and any other activity that can be streamlined or synched with your CRM, website etc.

Objective(s) involved with your social app can be:

  1. Run marketing campaigns
  2. Customer Loyalty/rewards programs
  3. Referral marketing / recommendation program
  4. Service personalization
  5. Proactive customer support
  6. Interactive contests, games for user engagement
  7. Social Commerce
  8. Community based reviews and rain check
  9. Market research