Signy is a specialist e-learning portal development company in Pune, India. Our keen interest and deep experience of working with institutes & educationists has helped us provide effective e-learning solutions to our clients. We have been working with colleges, group of institutes, training institutes, private coaching institutes and large corporates for developing and deploying their e-learning solutions.

Approaches to deliver e-learning solutions can be multiple, like –

  • Complete custom development
  • Deployment by high degree of customization of opensource platforms like Moodle
  • Deployment of opensource platform like Moodle with minor customization

Signy’s e-learning development team closely works with you to derive the best suited approach. That needs good understanding of your goals, strengths, your business needs and your e-learning delivery model. Signy also helps you crystallize and document these aspects; which is essential pre-requisite for producing an effective e-learning platform.

Custom development of e-learning portal

Custom e-learning portal development needs to be preceded by meticulous documentation of requirements and business rules. Signy team works closely with you to gather requirement, analyze and document them. Signy team also makes you aware of what all preparations are required to reach go-live stage and helps you fulfil those pre-requisites. Then proficient PHP development team ensures delivery of high quality e-learning portal for you. Please visit custom web application development section for more detailed information on the approach and processes involved in custom development of e-learning platform.

E-learning portal using Moodle or JoomlaLMS

Signy team has expertise in implementing e-learning solutions based on opensource development platforms like Moodle and JoomlaLMS. Signy team also has the expertise in custom development on these platforms. Using these platforms, you can create comprehensive online learning sites.

Yes, Moodle and JoomlaLMS both are ready opensource LMS software platforms (Learning Management System). However, the most important factor in implementing such solution is how to make use of these platforms. In the early stages of LMS implementation, more managerial work is required than the technical. It does need a lot of preparation. It does need a good understanding of the client’s processes and expertise on the available opensource platforms. Signy team helps you document your requirements, helps you understand what the available system, say Moodle, is capable of and translates your requirements into smart configuration of your e-learning application.

Please visit Moodle development services page for more details about how Signy can help you if you have chosen or are willing to go ahead with Moodle as e-learning platform.

How Signy helps

Signy helps you with a three pronged approach: consult -> implement -> operate.

  • Consult – to workout the best solutions, to tell you what not to do, to ensure the groundwork for a quick deployment
  • Implement – to ensure success and be accountable
  • Operate – to ensure continuity of service

In LMS implementation projects, whenever there is a feeling that some requirement is not getting fulfilled by the available platform, there is a typical tendency to immediately jump to conclusions and plan for the code customization. Such customization adds heavy costs. Sure such customization would add some value to your elearning site. But most of the times, the same needs can be fulfilled by smart configuration or even by an intelligent presentation strategy. This is the best value what Signy promises you. This is one of the most prominent outcomes of our consulting approach.

Moodle is a very feature rich platform. Yes, this is a plus point; but it can also make implementation a difficult activity – if not a confusing one. It needs a good understanding of current needs and also future needs which makes setting up policies and rules to cater to these needs. At times, it is required to remove some features if they don’t find any place in the elearning strategy and roadmap. Most of the times, we need to take a phased approach for implementing features.

Moodle features

With Moodle installation, you get following features –

  • Site management
  • User management, user policy management and authentication
  • Role management and permissions
  • Course management – course definition, course design, enrolment and more. This is the key part of your Learning Management System.
  • Grades management and assessment engine
  • Activity modules – study material i.e. resources, assignment, quiz or tests, forums, chat, lessons, workshop, question banks and more
  • Appearance management – UI, themes, design elements, branding
  • Other utilities like blog, calendar and more
  • Reporting module
  • Security management
  • Server management and backup management

Signy team helps you identifying and documenting your needs, recommend approach and optimum solutions on how to use Moodle and execute Moodle implementation & Moodle configuration accordingly. Signy team conducts effective Moodle training in the context of your organizational needs. Signy’s expert PHP developers efficiently deliver Moodle customization tasks and provide ongoing support for your Moodle based learning management system i.e. your  elearning platform.

Case study: Please see Moodle implementation case study.

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