New-age ecommerce website development

As ecommerce is evolving, needs of a basic e-commerce engine are changing fast. Earlier, ecommerce was about only about product catalogue, payment gateway, inventory management, shipping management, basic reporting, good look & feel and less complex admin interface. Now it is also about -

  • In-built promotion engine, ability to up-sell & cross-sell
  • In-built engine for managing search engine rankings
  • Intuitive content management system to manage static content & intuitive admin interface
  • Comprehensive analytics and reporting

In fact, it goes ahead and demands -

  • Being compatible for mobile & tablet platforms
  • Being scalable to social commerce
  • Ability to create a mind-blowing user experience
  • Ability to do sharp targeting
  • Ability to manage customers by groups
  • Ability to run intelligent loyalty programs
  • Ability to do consultative selling without human interface

Signy specializes in e-commerce i.e. online shopping solutions. Our team has a perfect mix of technological & web marketing expertise. Whether custom built or based on opensource platforms like Prestashop or Magento, we deliver comprehensive e-commerce website & with rapid turnaround time.

We work with you like a partner who takes consultative approach and helps you utilize full potential of your e-commerce website. We ensure that you do not need to spend where it is not absolutely required and that is why Signy is a trusted ecommerce website development company in Pune. We have created success stories before and keen to create many more.


Details about Signy’s ecommerce website development solution:

Benefits of ecommerce/online shopping website

If you are searching for ecommerce solutions, you already know the benefits. This is just a recap. If you are an established retailer, below are some of the striking benefits in going online:

  • Create additional revenue source
  • Sell more without adding physical space
  • Expand your reach
  • Establish & strengthen your brand
  • Greater customer retention through loyalty programs and schemes
  • Shorter sales cycle in the shop
  • Enjoy full control and great flexibility on your own ecommerce platform
  • Integrate with your back-end ERP or PoS software

To make an ecommerce website successful, intelligent digital marketing is a need. Read about Signy’s digital marketing services also.

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