Social media marketing for small companies, local brands

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Being business developments guys from a digital marketing company, my colleagues and me often come across these notions –

“We are a small company; we don’t have digital marketing budgets”.

“We are just a local brand; social media marketing is not for us”.

“Big brands do social media marketing because they can afford to spend on branding, we can’t”.

In response to this, simply want say that – you are a small company (now) or just a local brand and you don’t have huge marketing budgets, this is exactly why you must consider social media marketing as a crucial part of your digital marketing strategy. Let me explain why.

  1. There is no other advertising media as cost effective as online media. In a rupee, you can send your important branding message to 5-6 or at times 10-12 people. Isn’t that awesome?
  2. There is no other media which gives accurate measurability as online advertising does.
  3. On social media websites, you can edit message and creative of your live campaign – it takes just a few minutes for the change to take effect (imagine doing that for any other advertising platform). Great, right? If you think your ad is not working well or you have a feel of making it better, you can do that in minutes. By the way, ability to know how your ad is doing in run time is also a great, isn’t it?
  4. In social media advertising, you can also stop your campaign at the moment when you want to stop it. It doesn’t punish you monetarily – only that amount is debited which is used by the advertising platform (Facebook/LinkedIn etc) till that moment.
  5. On social media, you have the opportunity to create the audience for life time. Once somebody likes your Facebook page or follows you on Twitter or LinkedIn, he/she will be associated with your brand for longer time as compared to advertising on other media. Whatever posting you do after that on your social pages, it reaches to considerable portion of your followers without you spending any additional money.
  6. Social media pages give you a great opportunity to engage and also interact with your audience. Without spending a penny, your customers/followers can write to you and you can write back to them. Isn’t that getting closer to your customer?
  7. Social media marketing creates referral marketing cases for you. No other media can do it as fast as social media.
  8. And the best of all, you can start social media marketing for any amount you think you can spend – say Rs 100 or even 50.

Your small spend on social media advertizing will break shackles for you. You will start reaching to those who are out of your current network. If your product/service offering is good and if your audience likes what you post, you can make a real meaningful presence of your brand on social media and engage your potential & even existing customers.

Social media marketing allows you to take small or very small steps. Take those steps, go slow but start going!

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