What ecommerce startups need to know

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We deal with a plenty of business inquiries for ecommerce website development these days. Trying to put down a common experience across many of those conversations.

It is popular that it doesn’t take a lot of money to get an ecommerce website development done these days. True that to certain extent. Opensource ecommerce platforms like Magento, OpenCart etc play a big role there. Even community versions of such platforms provide fancy features along with all basic and critical to have sorts of. Till here, it’s all ok.

However, the stuff I really want to talk about is lack of awareness of what one needs to do to make that ecommerce website run.

Ecommerce startup aspirants need to know this: unless you promote your website online and in the other media which suits your business and potential customers, your potential customers are not going to know about your website. Media other than online need to be decided on what you are selling, demography, your TG etc etc. However, make a good note that you can’t do without online media – traditional internet marketing including search engine, banner ads and can’t leave out social media for sure. It is obvious - to sell online, you need to market it online.

Lets make no mistake in understanding this one: there wouldn’t be any success story in ecommerce without spending (actually, investing) for online marketing.

So, do not forget to allocate as much budget as possible for digital marketing when you are in feasibility study stage. If you have already crossed that stage, do something to keep aside decent budget for digital marketing.

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